Night Before Norway

This is it. The final night before I commence my trip to the beautiful country of Norway. For the next week, Myles Kedrowski and I will be staying in the city of Bergen. Similar to our venture to Iceland, Myles and I will fly separate flights but meet up at the airport. He should arrive a few hours after I do on Friday afternoon. Our itinerary consists of nearly non-stop hiking throughout the north and south west of Norway. Thankfully, we’ll cover the great distances between locations by car.

Compared to Iceland, hotel and flights were relatively cheap. In fact, I could go to Norway three times for the price I paid for Iceland. With that said, I’ll have to see the final cost of food, beverages and souvenirs. My primary concern is the cost of fuel as I’m uncertain how often the car will need to be fueled up. There will also be a variety of toll and ferry fees on top of that to consider. But Myles and I have agreed to split all costs related to the vehicle.

Weather wise, the forecast is a mix of rain, clouds and a bit of sun. The temperature range should stay between high thirties to forties. To be prepared for the majority of scenarios, Myles and I have weatherproofed all of our gear. We have dry bags with waterproof clothes. Iceland taught me a variety lessons but the main one was to stay dry. On top of rainwear, I’ve even packed a heavier down jacket into a compression bag for colder days. As we’ll sometimes be higher in the mountains, I don’t want to run the risk of not having enough layers.

Overall, I’m excited and grateful to have this opportunity. Norway will be my third country within one year, which is a bit of a shock.

Wish me luck.