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A Little About Me.

Born and raised in Upper Michigan, I’m a certified Yooper situated in Marquette, Michigan. For the past four years, I’ve worked as a frontend-developer at a creative agency called Elegant Seagulls. By day, I code websites and at night, I study Japanese. When possible, I travel abroad. This blog is dedicated to those two topics.

Where I've Traveled

  • Tokyo, Japan (2017)
  • Reykjavík, Iceland (2018)
  • Bergen, Norway (2018)
  • Osaka, Japan (2019)
    • Kyoto, Japan
    • Nara, Japan

Favorite Memories

  • Being propositioned in Kabuchiko
  • Forgetting my bank pin in Shibuya
  • The Capcom Bar in Shinjuku
  • Driving in Iceland
  • Listening to Icelandic reggae on Route 1
  • Pizza at Eld's with Myles Kedrowski
  • Climbing Åkrafjorden
  • Narrow one lane roads in Norway
  • Ginger ale Red Bulls for breakfast
  • Trying octopus in Dōtonbori
  • Universal Studios Japan
  • Feeding deer in Nara Park