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  1. First Day in Bucharest

    My first full day in Bucharest, Romania. A day of goulash, walking and more walking.

    Landscape view of the Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest, Romania.
  2. How to Use Mada

    Mada means not yet or still depending upon if the word is used with negative or positive words.

  3. Traveling to Bucharest, Romania

    Getting into Bucharest, Romania.

    A Saudia Airlines 777 at the Heathrow Airport.
  4. Night Before Romania

    The night before my trip to Romania.

  5. Yoku and Anmari

    How to express, 'Often' and 'Not often,' in Japanese.

  6. How to Use Mou

    Learning about the different uses of Mou in Japanese.

  7. First Day in Osaka, Japan

    Jacob Proffer's time in the area of Dōtonbori.

    A view of the canal in Osaka's Dōtonbori.
  8. Traveling to Osaka, Japan

    Back in Japan.

    A Japan Airlines Boeing 787-9 at the Narita airport.
  9. Notes Before a Second Trip to Japan

    The night before my 2019 trip to Japan.

  10. I Love Japanese

    Eighth month progress report of studying Japanese.

    A sticker with Japanese katakana that reads wanikani.
  11. Climbing a Fjord in Norway

    Hiking up the Åkrafjorden.

    A view of a ferry near the shoreline of Tørvikbygd.
  12. Hiking in the Aurlandsdalen Valley

    First full day in Norway, exploring Tvindefossen, Aurlandsdalen and Nærøyfjord.

    A cabin near the waterfall called Tvindefossen.