October 24, 2018

Norway Blog 00

This is it. The final night before I commence my trip to the beautiful country of Norway. For the next week, Myles Kedrowski and I will be staying in the city of Bergen. Similar to our venture to Iceland, Myles and I will ...

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Near the small lake of Leirvogsvatn. 60.878486° N, 6.843065° E
Jacob Proffer
A Few Words

From the Editor

I'm Jacob. I'm a Front-End Developer at Elegant Seagulls in Marquette, Michigan. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for quality assurance, I deliver websites that adapt to all modern screen sizes and browsers. You can view some of my current and past open source projects on GitHub.

I travel in my free time when I can. Within the past year, I've been to Tokyo, Japan, Iceland and Norway. With plans to one day return to Japan, I'm studying Japanese.